Kala Vaarso is a festival that celebrates Indian culture, by highlighting the arts and crafts of brilliant artians

KALA VAARSO is an initiative by Hiranyam Vikas Sansthan to provide a platform for growth to our artisans, craftsmen and crafts. Our main purpose is to introduce our rich and varied heritage to our citizens – especially to our younger generation!

We strive to make every Indian proud of its heritage! We should take pride in the fact that our traditional arts & crafts have co-existed with the flora & fauna our earth , without damaging it in any way. All the products , its by-products and products are based on nature and are bio-degradable.

We hope through this initiative we could imbibe the habit of "Being Indian — Buy Indian" amongst our citizens!

We also hope that as per the need of the hour — we should buy the products Makin' India. This will help our artisans sustain in today's competitive times!